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The Rain is Falling (Scende la pioggia)

Song by:
The Turtles, with new lyrics by Gianni Morandi
Testimony by:
Eduardo René Cuevas
Experience in:
Cárcel de Los Ángeles, September 1973
« This song was a workhorse for the prisoners. Iván Moscoso sang it, accompanied by a guitar, in a powerful and defiant voice, and the most altruistic among us sung along in the presence of the gendarme guards, in a courtyard that was only for political prisoners. »
« Eduardo René Cuevas »
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Recinto: Regimiento Blindado Nº 5 General René Schneider (Ojo Bueno), Punta Arenas (Actual Regimiento de Caballería Blindada N°6 Dragones)
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