What should my testimony focus on?

It should focus on experiences taking place in a detention centre, around a song. Five angles are suggested in the form but you may choose a different one if you wish.

Should testimonies be limited to descriptions of musical experiences?

No. If you wish, you can also share feelings and reactions relating to musical experiences.

How many testimonies can I upload?

You can upload as many as you wish.

Can I share experiences relating to a song about which other people have already written?


Can I share experiences about a song that I sang or listened to in different detention centres?

Yes, but you should upload a different testimony for each centre.

How can I upload my testimony?

You should go to the section «Share your memories» and follow the instructions to upload your story through a short text or audio.

Why should my testimony be brief?

To facilitate its publication and reading by website visitors.

Why can't I upload my written testimony?

Check that it is no longer than 5,000 characters (approximately one and a half pages in letter format, font Arial size 11, line spacing 1.0).

Why can't I upload my image?

Check that it has a maximum size of 1 MB, and that it is in a JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF or TIFF format.

Why can't I upload my audio or video?

Check that it does not exceed three minutes and that it has a maximum size of 8 MB.

Is it compulsory to upload an image, audio or video?


How long will my testimony take to be published?

We will do our best to publish it within a week.