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Cantos Cautivos: music, education and technology for human rights.

Panel on the roles of music as an educational resource to address memory and human rights topics, and on the use of internet technology as a tool for dissemination, exchange and research. To take place on 25 August 2018 at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Santiago, Chile.

Practices of dealing with difficult pasts: creative memory works

Katia Chornik, director and editor of Cantos Cautivos, participated in a panel with Linda Norris (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience) and Amina Krvavac (War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo). The event took place at the Hrant Dink Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey, in May 2018.

Meeting with team members of the Historical Memory Project

Hernán Theiler, software consultant of Cantos Cautivos, participated in a meeting with the members of the team led by Professor Marcia Esparza of the John Jay Criminal Justice College (City University of New York), in New York, USA, May 2018.

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