Share your Memories

Poster of Ritoque Song Festival, March 1975
Drawing by Miguel Lawner

We invite you to share your memories through a text describing your experiences of music in political detention centres, and the importance that these have had for you. If you main language is Spanish, please share your testimony in that language. As a suggestion, you could refer to:

  • A musical piece written in detention.
  • A musical piece you and/or other people sang.
  • A musical piece you listened to, live or played on the radio or record player.
  • A musical piece that was censored.
  • A musical piece you were made to sing or listen to.

Other options:

  • Audio record your testimony, instead of writing it.
  • Add an image, the lyrics or a recording of the musical piece.
  • Share more than one testimony about the same musical piece performed or listened to in various centres.

All memories are important. We look for memories that are the result of:

  • Lived experiences of political prisoners.
  • Experiences transmitted to their descendants.
  • Experiences of those who lived in the vicinity of detention centres.
  • Experiences of other people who have information about music under political detention.
  • We will make every effort to publish your testimony within a week.

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