Terms and Conditions

I authorise the publication of my testimony, photographs, audio and/or audiovisual material on the web pages of www.cantoscautivos.org, in English and Spanish.

In addition, I authorise the Cantos Cautivos team to use texts, images, audio and/or audiovisual material, in complete form or as fragments published on both sites, for academic purposes and for the production of exhibitions, videos, documentaries and other type of printed, audiovisual, educational and/or public dissemination material.

In case that original materials donated to the project are requested by third persons for the production of artistic works, documentaries, etc., the Cantos Cautivos team will request authorisation from donors.

I authorise the Cantos Cautivos team to edit and translate my texts. I understand that the team may add and/or substitute images and/or audiovisual material to my testimony.

I understand that if my testimony makes explicit reference to third persons who have not given explicit authorisation for their names to be published, the Cantos Cautivos team has the power to anonymise them partially or fully if deemed necessary.

I understand that the Cantos Cautivos team will not publish offensive material.

I understand that Cantos Cautivos is a non-profit project. I grant this authorisation for an indefinite period of time. Notwithstanding, this does not exclude the possibility that in the future I may decide to cancel it.

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