La López Pereyra

Music piece by:
Artidorio Cresseri
Testimony by:
Germán Larrabe

This zambaTraditional musical genre and dance from Argentina. was the first song we tried to perform in Puchuncaví, with a group made up of prisoners transferred from Chacabuco Detention Camp together with us, newly arrived 'puchuncas'.


Published on: 05 March 2015

I would like to forget you
I find it impossible, my darling
your image haunts me
yours is my life and my love too
and when I am thoughtful and alone
I think obsessively of the falsehood 
with which you have repaid my love.

If I could have you by my side all day long
I would tell you, my dove, of my hidden loves
but this longing is useless, never, never
I live only to love you
silent and sad, and to weep, to weep.

They've told me that you don't love me
but that's no reason
you deprive me of your gaze
without it I can’t live
and I will go and hide in a forest just to weep
perhaps in my banishment
I can forget your dark eyes.

One calm night
I looked at the blue sky
contemplating the stars
I asked the loveliest of them
if it was she who shone
on your love, my love,
to beg through her
that the merciful God to give me fortitude.