Song by:
Calatambo Albarracín
Testimony by:
Luis Cifuentes Seves
Experience in:
Campamento de Prisioneros Chacabuco, December 1973 - February 1974

Los de Chacabuco, a band founded and conducted by Ángel Parra, arranged this song. It was sung several times during the Saturday shows at the Chacabuco concentration camp. At the farewell concert for Angel, Alberto Corvalán recorded it on cassette, and a subsequent LP was produced from that cassette.

Caliche refers to a layer of hard rock in the nitrate mines and is a term of endearment in northern Chile.

Published on: 22 June 2015

Clandestine recording made by political prisoners in Chacabuco in 1974.

Oh, my lovely dark-skinned girl, Caliche
I give you my love.
I’m from northern Chile,
Caliche, my heart.

A northern cueca, Caliche,
let’s dance.
Tapping, toe and heal, Caliche,
Let’s go out.

Don’t tell anyone, Caliche,
about our love,
keeping it quiet, Caliche,
will be best.

We are poor wretches from the pampa, Caliche,
pour the wine.