Today Was Visitors’ Day (Hoy fue día de visitas)

Song by:
Sergio Vesely
Testimony by:
Sergio Vesely
Experience in:

Visitors’ day was an exceptional day that broke the monotonous routine of all the other days of the week. I wrote this song in Valparaíso Jail, where I sang it countless times accompanied by my dearly remembered cellmate, the musician Antonio Suzarte from Valparaíso.

Published on: 22 June 2015

Today the teapot, the coffee and bread roll
awoke at dawn,
behind bars, lock and grid.

And between whistles and line-ups,
between the soap and toothpaste,
thread by thread a prisoner embroidered his dream.

Today the cell was a palace of laughter,
a riot of shoes and shirts,
an endless grind of hopes and fantasies.

All because today was visitors’ day.

Today in the shadow of the wall
two lovers had a date,
far from the jailer’s eye.

And with the seagull’s feather,
with the cooing of the dove,
the wind and the tide,
their love ascended to the rooftop.

Today the emotion of meeting his little boy
made a prisoner burst into tears,
while sadness covered the face of one
who waited in vain for his brother.

All because today was visitors’ day.

In these evenings nostalgia will visit everyone,
now lying down, perhaps smoking in their bunks,
reading letters of a great love,
gazing at the portrait of a passion
between four bitter walls,
which are alien to love.

But tomorrow everything will have passed
and the routine of the calendar
will make the bars of our souls fall
until the next visit.