How Can I Describe This to You? (Cómo hacer para darte una idea)

Music piece by:
Sergio Vesely
Testimony by:
Sergio Vesely
Experience in:

This is one of two songs I wrote in prison for my beloved Graciela. In the song I tried to draw her closer to me, describing my everyday world and my experience of life as a captive.


Published on: 22 June 2015

How can I describe to you
this sad ferrous universe
with its eternal cold nights
shaken by sickened screams
and the desert, the desert of love
where I write you these verses.

How can I describe to you
the hours I have spent alone,
during the endless circles
that my feet draw in the cell
and the absurdity, the absurdity of believing
that I am still part of your kingdom.

How can I describe to you
the hatred that invades my dreams,
the battles I engage in by day
against the whip of impatience
and the delirium, the delirium that climbs
the concrete shadow.

How to finally make it possible
for your mind to see this small space,
so you can imagine
where I sleep every day
and you stay, and you stay a while
by my side and in silence.