Song of the Seed and the Plant (Canción de la semilla y la planta)

Music piece by:
Sergio Vesely
Testimony by:
Sergio Vesely

The history of the seed and the plant, of which this song forms part, was performed as a play to entertain our audience of children during a family visit to the prison. Imagination had no limits when it came to kindling a small flame of hope in our hearts.

With the scarce resources available to us, we made costumes and dressed up as a jester, a gardener, a sun, and clowns, and thus attired we came out to meet our loved ones that day, much to the surprise of the soldiers, who watched us from a distance not understanding what was going on.

This children’s song was one of three in this genre I composed during my imprisonment. 


Published on: 23 September 2015

I was walking in the woods one day,
looking for a little seed.
A little bird told me
“dig, dig, and you will find it”.

In the little hole that I made
I found the little seed
seated and drinking water
and its belly was nice and fat.

It grew, it grew and it got as far as the moon,
the seed became a plant.
Its legs grew, its arms too.
It became lovely with flowers that opened.
I gave it my affection, it gave me her love.

It grew, it grew and got as far as the moon,
looking for other worlds it found the sun.
Then I was waiting for it pleased and happy.
Fed by love and tenderness.
I gave it my affection, it gave me her love.