Blue Eyes (Ojos azules)

Music piece by:
Manuel Casazola Huancco
Testimony by:
Luis Cifuentes Seves
Experience in:
Campamento de Prisioneros Chacabuco, January – February 1974

This is the last track on the cassette recorded by the band Los de Chacabuco in the concentration camp; it was digitised in 2015.

They played at the prisoners' weekly show. The song was very popular in Chile in the 1960s and many bands included it in their repertoire.

The quenaAndean traditional flute, made of reed or wood. was played by Ricardo Yocelewski and the charangoA small Andean plucked string instrument traditionally made from an armadillo shell or wood. by Luis Cifuentes.


Published on: 13 November 2015

Clandestine recording made by political prisoners in Chacabuco in 1974.

Do not cry, blue eyes
do not cry or fall in love.
You will cry when I leave
when there is nothing else to be done.

You swore to love me
to love me for the rest of your life.
But hardly two or three days have passed
you are going away and leaving me.

In a glass of wine
I would like to drink poison
poison to kill myself
poison to forget you.