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Woman, Girl and Friend - To my Comrade (Mujer, niña y amiga - A mi compañero)

Song by:
Robustiano Figueroa Reyes, with text modified by a political prisoner.
Testimony by:
Alfonso Padilla Silva
Experience in:

The female comrades who were prisoners replied to the chanting of the men held in the Regional Stadium with the song “To my comrade” sung to the rhythm of the Argentinean zamba “Woman, child and friend” by Robustiano Figueroa Reyes.

Published on: 15 December 2014

Modified lyrics

Let me sing my song of hope,
I want to offer you my soul, my desires,
my joys, sorrows, my confidence
in freedom, a more serene future.

I dream of the day when everything is over,
no more torments, no more strife,
our efforts, our energies
Continuing the course already laid out.

Give me the light of your gaze,
I want your bread of freedom
united forever in one destiny
comrade and friend.

There are so many memories we share
those quiet evenings, many tender faces,
saying everything without saying a thing
an aimless passage, of vague hope.

You have given me so much joy,
and so much love I have given you,
my path, yours, your destiny, and mine,
Let us raise our glasses with our new wine.