Lili Marlene

Music piece by:
Hans Leip
Testimony by:
Rogelio Felipe Castillo Acevedo

We were forced to belt out these marching songs.

There was a comrade who had a limp and wore a platform shoe. When we marched his limp would throw us out of step, and then the marines would give us a good kicking.

When they realised what was causing our lack of coordination, they left that comrade out of the marches.


Published on: 12 January 2015

Right next to the barracks
by the main gate
there stood a streetlamp
and it stands there still.
We're going to meet there again
under the streetlamp, we will be
like before, Lili Marlene.

Our two shadows
appeared as one
we loved each other so
it gave that impression.
And all the people will see it
when we are under the streetlamp
like before, Lili Marlene.

Soon the sentry called out
'They’re passing an inspection
this will cost you three days'.
Comrade, I’m on my way
so we said our goodbyes
how I would have loved to go with you
with you, Lili Marlene.

She knew the sound of your steps
your elegant way of walking
every evening she was burning
although now I had forgotten
and if something happens
who will stand under the streetlamp
with you? Lili Marlene.

From the silent space
from the lands of the earth
your adorable lips
keep me as if in a dream.
When the mist of night swirls all around
I will be by the streetlamp
like before, Lili Marlene.