Reflections (Reflexiones)

Song by:
Sergio Vesely
Testimony by:
Sergio Vesely

Prison forced me to think quite a lot about my political past and my total commitment to an ideological cause, and its consequences. In this song (composed in the Puchuncaví Detention Camp and only sung for my friends and cellmates) I reflect on my role as a prisoner songwriter.

Published on: 22 June 2015

Among all I see,
what pains me most
is to gaze on a sad brother,
without love and peace.
And my fleeting mind,
like the flight of a sparrow,
cries because it no longer flies
and has no consolation.

Who could give strength
to my voice that has no solution?
Who can make a statement,
a vision for what is better?
The damaged tree suffers,
and I suffer with my pain,
the human tires not,
he has a dry heart.

The bird is in a cage,
the fish is in a net,
an onlooker gazes out,
but his eyes no longer see.
I think the human
becomes used to the wall,
forgotten are the dreams dreamed,
forgotten wanting to want/loving to love.

Where are thoughts born,
where does reason die,
that’s where dreams will unite
like glass tops.
To the lion by his growl,
To the flower by its color,
the poet molding his song
verse by verse.

Today the man sings to the woman,
the servant sings to his master,
Who understands what I say
and makes a fair distinction?
It is not the same to be in love
than to be an oppressed laborer,
although the song is the same,
one is alive, the other not.

Time that comes and passes not,
dead shadow in a corner.
A singer alone with his song,
a wheel falling off.
Nobody will tie your hands,
Nobody will breathe a proclamation,
nobody violates your silence,
No one refines their voice.