Sinner, come to sweet Jesus (Pecador, ven al dulce Jesús)

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One time, a group of male and female evangelicals came to Teja Island to preach. They were taken to the visitors’ yard.

Because we prisoners had nothing else to do, we went to see them.

They began installing their guitars, basses, keyboards and drums. I thought: 'this will be big'. They sang their Christian praise and worship songs.

In the audience, we must have been about 150, out of a total of 1,000.

They sang 'Pecador, ven al dulce Jesús' in two and three voices. We were fascinated. This song was saying 'come to Him'. I didn’t convert to Christianism there but that was the bridge.

Something very funny happened that stayed with me for the rest of my life. After the music finished one of the evangelicals asked: 'Who wants to receive Jesus Christ as their saviour?' One prisoner replied: 'but what if they put us in prison again?'

We all burst out laughing. You had to find a way to let off steam.

After my time in prison, I couldn't finish my education and all employment opportunities disappeared. I went to Argentina.

My landlords were evangelical. They always invited me to church but I didn’t want to.

I went one day and I encountered the music that I remembered from prison. I went forward and received the Lord. I’ve been an evangelical Christian ever since.


Published on: 13 January 2018

Sinner, come to sweet Jesus
and you will be forever happy
for if you want to have Him
the Divine Lord you will find.

Come to Him, you sinner
for your good Saviour is waiting.

If any son foolishly sinned
you are searching for compassion at his feet
kind brother, you will find it in Jesus
and in his arms, you will have forgiveness.

If ailing you feel that you are dying
He will be your celestial doctor
you will find in his blood too
medicine to cure such ill.

Lamb that left the flock
come back to your benign Lord
in his arms, you will be taken
by your sweet and kind Shepherd.