Captain, our Destiny is a Wandering Island (Capitán, el rumbo es una isla errante)

Music piece by:
Sergio Vesely
Testimony by:
Sergio Vesely

This song was dedicated to Óscar Castro, whom I was lucky enough to meet in 1975, in Puchuncaví. With his experience in theatre – Óscar was already a fairly well-known actor before his arrest – he threw himself into the cultural work we had organised, in what was then called “Camp Melinka” where the prisoners presented a show every Friday.

Our friendship was brief but very intense. Several times, in the middle of a serious conversation he would disconnect and climb aboard an imaginary boat called El Supertricio and he would invite me to sail with him through the kingdom of his imagination. At such moments, I was able to forget that I was in prison.


Published on: 23 September 2015

I became good friends with a captain
venerated by the waters
and by all the fauna of the sea.
A noble gentleman
adventure lover
a major commodore.

Who one night got lost
when raging wind
like the emperor’s roar
blew his ship
taking it off course
taking him to prison.

Full sail! Cast off!
The compass doesn’t mark north
the course is to a wandering island

Three days later the captain
poet of the seven seas
friend of freedom
reached a port without light.
His galleon was half tilted
the flag at half-mast.

And I told him: Captain
Wooden is your ship
Steel are your crew.
Better times will come
don’t loosen the sails
and steady the prow.

Full sail! Navigate!
The compass doesn’t mark north
we are headed to a wandering island