A Finger-Picked Cueca from a Solidary Companion (Cueca punteada de un solidario)

Music piece by:
Sergio Vesely
Testimony by:
Sergio Vesely

It is true that the hard experience of torture and prison unified us and at times even generated strong ties of friendship among the prisoners.

But, if we are being honest, we have to say that it was not all friendship and solidarity among the political prisoners. The left-wing political parties continued their ideological struggles inside the prisons, and, at worst, helped to deteriorate the already foul atmosphere of captivity.

If the political constellation of the inmates was explosive, life inside a cell could become a psychological torment as bad or worse than the physical torture. Sectarianism and mistrust were common, and there were only a few people with whom one could talk about personal issues, without fearing that the whole party would know about it the next day. Weaknesses were not tolerated.

I wrote this song while at Camp Melinka, thinking openly about our flaws. Thinking about the double standards that ruled our daily behaviour: talking about love on one hand and feeding hatred on the other. Thinking about how far we were from living what we preached every day: to live together in equality, in peace, in brotherhood and in solidarity with everyone.


Published on: 23 September 2015

What torrents have swallowed
the word solidarity?
The human being is asleep
like a bird without a nest.
He has lost that word
as if the wind had lost its sound.

The dreamer dreams in vain
of coming closer to his friend.
Petty arguments
invented by the cold brain
accost him along the road
leaving a wound in his dream.

Ill-feeling and splits
matters badly argued.
Like the flower dresses
I would dress the meanings
and I would cultivate the ear
the way children are lulled to sleep.

Little fish in the fountain
teach me how to move
lend me your scales
I will jump into the water
to escape singing
from the traps set by the brain.

On my body the torture
drew valleys and rivers.
Along them race the stream
that springs from the torment:
respect for human life
and brotherhood with all people.