Filistoque's Cueca (Cueca del Filistoque)

Music piece by:
Víctor Canto Fuenzalida (lyrics), Efraín Navarro (music)
Testimony by:
Víctor Canto Fuenzalida
Experience in:

Filistoque is a real-life person in all his mighty height (1.90 metres tall). I always remember him laughing. In Chacabuco, we shared a house for nearly ten months. Around him, you were never allowed to become depressed or get into a stew over our situation.

He radiated happiness and optimism. And even though he was aware that the issue would continue to trouble us, he never stopped talking about the commissions and prosecutors who would be processing our cases. He projected this optimism even beyond the prison camp fences.

Some of the guards were more receptive and it was not rare to see Filistoque in lively conversation with them; they were swayed by his happy demeanour to such an extent that he persuaded them that he could teach the soldiers how to march.

No one could be oblivious to his presence. Just a greeting from Filistoque enlivened the streets of Chacabuco. A figure like him deserved a cuecaMusic genre (usually for voice and accompaniment) and partner dance, found in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. of his own. Cheers to you, dear comrade, wherever you are.


Published on: 15 December 2014

Recorded in 2018 by MACOMBA, a group of ex-prisoners and friends, as a homage to Marcelo Concha Bascuñán.

Please Mister Public Prosecutor
I want to go back to my little house
hurry up proceedings
I was just a sympathiser
and I’m nearing a year here
hurry up proceedings.

I was talking
to Filistoque
and by mere coincidence
the curfew caught me
hurry up proceedings.
the curfew caught me, yes!
no one believes me
Chago Dos used to tell me
don’t fool around
hurry up proceedings.

If you don’t hurry up my case
by the time I’m released
I’ll have my menopause.