Far Away (Tamo daleko)

Music piece by:
Djordje Marinkovic. Chilean adaptation of traditional Serbian song, originally composed in 1916.
Testimony by:
Jorge Grez Leuquén

Working as a documentary film-maker for some years, I recorded the stories of some of the prisoners during the dictatorship. It was during some of these sessions that the song 'Tamo Daleko' reappeared; it had been sung numerous times on Dawson Island.

A humble contribution from the south of the south.


Published on: 12 August 2015

Ex-political prisoners of Dawson Island in 2007. Filmed by documentary maker Jorge Grez Leuquén, who recorded stories of the dictatorship's detainees.

Tamo daleko
daleko kraj mora
tamo je selo moje
tamo je ljubav mojaTranslation from Serbian:
Over there, far away
away by the sea
there is my village
there is my love.

Far, far away
there along the seashore
is my beloved sweetheart
and is my beloved hometown.

My Punta Arenas
city of dreams and love
when I come back to your beaches
my heart will be reborn.

Let’s toast, brothers
let’s toast to love
for never again in our lives
will we be younger than we are today.