Swan Lake

Music piece by:
Piotr Ilich Tchaikovski
Testimony by:
Carmen Espinoza Alegría
Experience in:
Colonia Dignidad, April 1975

When we arrived at Colonia Dignidad, they threw us into a shed. I despaired, took off my hood and a guard gave me a slap so hard that I fell to the ground. This was my arrival at the Colonia.

Then, they began the interrogations. I remember there was a guard acting as a doctor who controlled how much electricity we could stand.

When they took us to interrogations with our eyes covered and a hood on our head, they played classical music that hypnotised us. Later, when speaking to a comrade, he told me that the music was Swan Lake, a ballet by Tchaikovsky(1840-1893) Russian composer from the Romanticism period..


Published on: 18 June 2022